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If you are busy but would like to express your concerns, at least input your email via the website. If you haven’t got an email ask someone who does to input theirs. It’s what neighbors do for each other. To get ‘Power to the People’ we need to be aware of your concerns. Tell us what those are. If you have a relevant skill set or just want to be involved, sign up and have your say. We would like your email addresses. Your rights will be protected. You will not get inundated with junk from us.

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  1. On the Congreaves we already have problems with underground streams and drainage. it is absolutely essential that the flood plains are preserved. They are nor called that for nothing.

  2. I got the flyer through my letterbox today – this is alarming. I’ll attend the meeting tomorrow and add whatever support I can to prevent this blatant profiteering at the expense of the village and its residents.

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