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  • Congratulations Bardsey and East Keswick – you’ve saved our Green Belt!

    On 26th April the Leeds Planning Panel made a unanimous decision to reject the Bramham Estate’s application to build 140 houses on the red flagged Green Belt land alongside the A58 in Bardsey. As 6 months have now passed, the timeline to lodge an appeal has elapsed, so the Bramham Estate plans as submitted are […]


    SUCCESS! Our Greenbelt is saved, well done to the BAG Team!

  • BAG in partnership with Ethical Partnership

    Ethical Partnership provide the full range of professional, legal and technical support necessary to prepare and submit all kinds of planning applications – whether it a refurbishment, new build, conversion or a ‘change of use’ – we can help with all kinds of ‘development’; retail, leisure, commercial, housing, energy, infrastructure etc. See the full story […]

  • Meet 21 Nov 2016

    Bardsey Action Group met again last night in a closed forum to discuss the success of last weeks attendance and other matters. Thank you to the specialist help that turned up last night to offer help. We will be keeping you up to date with progress during the week.

  • Monday Meeting

    Thanks to everyone that attended the meeting last night. It was a great turnout with lively and informed discussion. We will shortly be publishing the minutes for the meeting with updates for those that could not attend.

  • Get Involved

    If you are busy but would like to express your concerns, at least input your email via the website. If you haven’t got an email ask someone who does to input theirs. It’s what neighbors do for each other. To get ‘Power to the People’ we need to be aware of your concerns. Tell us […]

  • Preserving the Greenbelt

    WHY PROTECT THE GREENBELT? The village has consistently supported the preservation of the greenbelt – back in 1993 BAG was formed because of the pressure by landowners and housebuilders to take large areas in and around the village out of the protection the greenbelt provides. The Planning Inspector for the then UDP rejected the claims […]

  • Access/Highways

    The A58 is already at capacity. Development would cause further congestion/accidents.

  • Flood Risk

    Developing this site which floods/ has a high water table/springs, could severely increase the flood risk of existing properties on the Drive, 1st & 2nd Avenue, The Congreves.

  • Drainage And Sewerage

    The current sewer network fails to cope with current volumes at times of heavy rainfall. It cannot support a development of this size.