The joint venture is deploying skilled PR consultants in its latest attempt to demonstrate that it is responding to public concern. Pilgrim PR is run by managing director Nick Pilgrim with support from account manager Jason Brown. On its website Pilgrim states “One of our key specialisms is securing planning permissions for large, and often controversial, planning applications.”  

To achieve the 95% success rate it claims Pilgrim also says “The success or failure of any project which directly impacts on a community, its residents and local businesses, can be strengthened by ensuring effective information dissemination. Engaging with communities is PilgrimPR’s speciality, putting a face to a “corporate identity” and taking the “suits” down to a level which engages the complete breadth of a community.”

The other element of Pilgrim PR’s operations is lobbying – they say “It’s about coming up with win-win solutions and making it easy for the decision makers to embrace those solutions.We assist our clients in establishing effective, co-ordinated lobbying campaigns to reach all levels of opinion formers and stakeholders.”

Lobbying is a key skill of manager Jason Brown , according to his Linkedin profile, which highlights his links to the Conservative Party, where he says he has worked for over 12 months assisting with “external communications strategies”.