Bardsey Greenbelt Threat Worsens

Last October Bramham Estate revealed its plans to destroy the greenbelt on land north of the old village. Now another landowner wants to make huge profits by developing greenbelt farmland for housing. The site is the land to the west of Wetherby Road, south of Bardsey village between Church Lane and the Waysides.

On behalf of the Cornforth family, consultants White Young Green (WYG) have sent a conceptual plan for the site to Bardsey Parish Council.  The plan is shown below.

WYG claim that because of the significant local opposition to the Bramham Estate application, their proposal would be an alternative site for residential development, providing a logical extension to the south of the village. They are seeking a meeting with Bardsey Parish Council’s to discuss the number of houses that could be sensitively accommodated.

As there is no official planning application, Bardsey Parish Council is only able to restrict its comments to its blanket opposition to development on greenbelt land.

However, BAG is able to campaign more actively to protect the village from inappropriate development. When we first started in the 1990s we knew that the threats to the village would never go away, and we would need to be vigilant.

We will continue to work closely with Leeds City Council and Bardsey  Parish Council to make it abundantly clear that any proposal to reduce the greenbelt is contrary to the wishes of the local community, is against the policies enshrined in the draft neighbourhood plan and Leeds City Council’s plans for appropriate housing development.

You can view the plans HERE

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