Bardsey Under Attack Again

From: James Watson

Subject: Destruction of habitat

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On Linden Close Bardsey Ls17 9ah lies a non accessible piece of land that had until Saturday morning a large variety of trees.

This morning a team of men felled all the trees causing much distress to the residents of surrounding properties.

These trees were home to several bird species such as Wood Peckers, Blue Tits and included bats which used these trees in the summer for roosting. The trees are also used by Red Kites as the surrounding area is their hunting ground.

I have never seen such willful destruction of the environment by what I can only guess are property developers grabbing land before submitting planning permission so no one could object.

I have contacted the Forestry Commission who can see no licence was granted for the felling of these old pine trees.

The property is in Green Belt land and this has really upset local residents.

There was a supposed ecologist on site if that was what he was? Who was a complete joke and stated health and safety was why they were being felled and stated no birds were nesting despite me watching serval blue tits and a woodpecker making nests last week.

Bardsey currently seems to under attack from developers and their tactics are destroying our countryside.

They have completely destroyed such a beautiful habitat and everyone here is gutted.


James Watson


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  1. I believe the land is no longer designated greenbelt it was recently removed by LCC and acknowledged in the parish council mintues earlier this year. I think the ‘new’ owner is a Daniel Newett of Berkley DeVeer properties he had tried to buy a house on Keswick Lane late last year to gain access to the field.I understand from local sources that he has offered another house owner a 5 bedroom detached on the new development in return for access via his property – just before the bridge on the left of Keswick Lane (some relation of his also appears to have been the owner who sold the land). Leeds City Council planning needs to be challenged about the timing of this land being unprotected at around the time a developer was trying to buy. I have lived backing on to this field for 10 years, there were not only Bats (who are protected) but Owls and Pheasant – The trees lay felled and are the field a complete mess, the contractors were rude and aggressive when questions and the when the owner (who I believe to be Mr Newett) arrived he would not talk to us. I complete understand and share Mr Watson’s distress.

  2. Just a slight correction on the comments you have written in brackets. We bought the property 3 years ago but not the field. The original owner did not sell the field and from my understanding has recently sold it to De Veer subject to planning permission. I can assure you that if we did own the field it would not have been sold and we feel the same as everyone else about the wanton destruction of the trees and the wildlife.

  3. Hi Adrian, in that case you have my unreserved apologies for my misinformation.


  4. The site on keswick lane and linden close are the types of sites we should all be supporting to help stop proposals such as the Bramham estates site ? As far as I understand the site is already allocated for housing and the trees are not protected ? What is the issue ?
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  5. Hi
    Has anyone contacted the bat conservation trust as these can advise on the route to prosecute the contractors where bats roosts are destroyed/damaged. This will not rectify the situation but may stop others willfully destroying the environment. The penalty for disturbing bat habitat (even if they are not present at the time) is up to 6 months in jail with an unlimited fine. Happy to help investigae this on your behalf if you wish. Just get in touch.

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