The Day of Reckoning – The People Say No To Bramham Estates

The Day of Reckoning

The People Say No To Bramham Estates


Support our village as it faces the final hurdle in its battle to stop Bramham Estate destroying Bardsey’s precious Green Belt. The Estate’s planning application is to be decided at a public meeting of the Planning Panel on 26th April at Leeds Civic Hall at 1.00. We need your presence there!

The planning officials advising the Panel have focused on just one CRUCIAL QUESTION – Will the harm to the green belt outweigh the ‘special circumstances’ claimed by Bramham Estate? On balance the officers have decided that it will, and are recommending the Panel refuses the application. But there is no guarantee that the Panel will agree.

The Panel will be influenced by the strength of public opinion shown on the day.

We need to fill the meeting room with local residents and supporters. 


to find out more see the panel on the reverse of this leaflet.


• Our precious Green Belt would be destroyed because of decades of poor management of the Heritage Assets.

• Nick Lane Fox told councillors he would not follow other local estates, such as Harewood and Stockeld Park, that have much greater public access and commercial success

• The Estate’s finances are being concealed to support the claim of ‘special circumstances’

• The Estate is in partnership with other land-owning families that promote land use change from agricultural to development to make huge capital gains.


A Grand Coalition of local ward councillors, local MP, Bardsey Parish Council and BAG – has been formed to tell the Plans Panel and the applicants that there is a united front

• Against the Estate’s plans

• To uphold residents’ views, when consulted 4 times over the last 20 years, that the preservation of the green belt is the key priority

• To protect the principles of the Bardsey Neighbourhood Plan, voted for by 94% of residents in the 2017 referendum, and now part of Planning Policy Guidelines

If you agree than please support the campaign that so many people have worked hard on.


Tell Bramham Estate and the Plans Panel what you feel by swelling the numbers from our community who will be there on 26th April.

Where to meet

Assemble in front of the rear entrance to Leeds Civic Hall at 1.00PM on Thursday 26th April.


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