Application Recommended For Refusal!

Dear All

Great News – We have just spoken to Adam Ward, and he tells me the following:

  • Adam Ward, the case officer, has told the applicants that officers would be recommending refusal of the application.
  • This is based on the green belt policy and harm outweighing the benefit from restoring historic assets, and also on flooding and drainage
  • The applicant has been provided with our additional flood risk information and has been given the opportunity to address these points with further mitigation proposals if desired
  • If so the applicants’ response will be formalised, put on the planning portal and we would be able to respond
  • In that instance, the Planning Panel consideration of the application will be delayed until January at the earliest

The applicant may decide not to respond now and let the application go to Panel, and then, if refused by the Council, decide whether or not to go Appeal OR withdraw the application now. There is no point in speculating what next.

Please note that this is NOT the Council refusing the application, it is a recommendation.  But this is good news – well done team!


Best wishes

Bardsey Action Group

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