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Nick Lane Fox and his fellow landowners have now applied formally to build on Bardsey greenbelt farmland. We have until March 17th to object.

Bardsey’s “Very Special Circumstances” are the physical, social and other values we share that will be irreparably damaged if this application is approved.  

We now know why and how the Estate will try to ignore the planning policies and guidelines that protect our village and its precious greenbelt.

Why? Because the Estate knows that planning permission will be refused unless it can demonstrate that development is the only way of preserving its “threatened” historical assets.  Using a steamrolling loophole known as “Very Special Circumstances” would put aside all other considerations for so called “benefit of the public”.

How? By employing consultants costing tens of thousands of pounds to claim that the damage to the village and the wider public interest can be avoided, and that the Estate has exhausted all other means of raising millions of pounds to pay for the “urgent” repairs that will rectify decades of decay to its buildings and monuments.

We have until March 17th to defend Bardsey’s “Very Special Circumstances”. This is the date set for objections to be lodged with Leeds City Council. See the website below using reference 17/00655

Bardsey Action Group is fighting hard to expose the shameful subterfuge that ignores Bardsey’s “Very Special Circumstances” that really matter to our village, and places the “family values” of the Lane Fox’s above our community values.

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Time is running out – please act now, tell your friends and neighbours, support our campaign to protect Bardsey’s Very Special Circumstances.

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