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  • Bardsey Action Group Bramham Development

    Tim Gittins Bardsey Action Group

  • 13 White Paper Motion – Planning

    For those that want the wider story on planning in Leeds please click on the link below.

  • BAG Update Nov 2016

    Please find below a link to the latest update from Bardsey Action Group. bag-newsletter-dec-2016

  • Wetherby News 21st Nov 2016

    The attached article appeared in the Wetherby News Nov 21st 2016. It details the opposition to the development and puts forward our concerns. As and when the digital version appears on the Wetherby News website we will post a link. For the moment apologies for the poor quality of the image. This is a link […]

  • The Drive

    A small cul-de- sac that is threatened by the creation of access to the new development, it cannot support further numbers.

  • Pressure On Services

    Development is totally unsustainable as the infrastructure is not in place including Doctors Surgery and the School already over subscribed.

  • Funds

    Why should the estate grab money in this way. Look at the Harewood estate as an example of how to create funds.

  • Video Flood Bardsey Leeds 2007

    Floods in Bardsey Leeds

  • Bardsey Action Group Press Release

    Bardsey Action Group Press Release: For more information call 07974 434849 Angry Bardsey residents fight developers over controversial plans to develop precious greenbelt. Over 200 outraged Bardsey residents recently attended a presentation by Bramham Estate unveiling their proposal to build 150 houses on agricultural land in the village. Residents claim these proposals are immoral and […]

  • Minutes meeting 7 November.

    Present Mike Marcus, Graham Holder, Peta and Kevin Kelly, Anne Douglas, Tim Gittins, Jack and Corina Kettlewell Jason Cook and Hilary Barnett. The Civic Hall meeting/site visit from 3 November was discussed. Thanks to TG for speaking and for CK for preparing the video clip and photo evidence. Key points raised were the access issues […]