Bardsey Action Group Press Release

Bardsey Action Group Press Release:

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Angry Bardsey residents fight developers over controversial plans to develop

precious greenbelt.

Over 200 outraged Bardsey residents recently attended a presentation by Bramham Estate unveiling

their proposal to build 150 houses on agricultural land in the village. Residents claim these proposals

are immoral and would affect the character of the village. Bardsey Action Group has been formed to

fight this proposal. Representatives of the Group also attended a pre-application meeting at Leeds

North East Planning Panel on Nov 3

The site on Wetherby Road between The Drive and First Avenue is on precious greenbelt, which is

essential to preserve the rural character of the settlement. The land is prone to regular flooding

causing homes to be severely affected not just in Bardsey, but also in Collingham,

Controversially, Bramham Estates are attempting to bypass usual planning protocol by claiming that

very special circumstances exist to support their proposed application Bramham Estates are claiming

lack of financial resources to restore and maintain their many listed properties, by exploiting a

planning loophole that would allow develop of the land to fund the restoration. Residents believe that

the development of the greenbelt, or land that is prone to flooding, should not be permitted under

these circumstances, however special they may appear. Leeds Civic Trust has also warned of the

potential damage created.

At the Panel meeting residents also insisted that the Council follow national guidelines and carefully

scrutinise the finances of the proposal and the Estate. As a result, councillors agreed that planning

officers should investigate the financial details

The A58 is a very busy road which is already at full capacity. A new junction for access would cause

additional congestion, and an increased risk of accidents. Additionally, any vehicular access from the

proposed development through the ‘The Drive’ is unsafe given that this is a narrow cul-de- sac.

Other concerns include the additional pressure any new homes would put on local resources such as

medical facilities and schools, which don’t currently have the capacity to support the additional

population arising.

Bramham Estate has tried to develop the site for decades, but it was deemed unsuitable for

development in 1993 and was awarded a red status of ‘unsuitable for development’ in 2013. This red

status remains.

More information, photographs and videos will be accessed on website

which will be live from Friday.


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