Minutes meeting 7 November.

Present Mike Marcus, Graham Holder, Peta and Kevin Kelly, Anne Douglas, Tim Gittins, Jack and Corina Kettlewell Jason Cook and Hilary Barnett. The Civic Hall meeting/site visit from 3 November was discussed. Thanks to TG for speaking and for CK for preparing the video clip and photo evidence. Key points raised were the access issues regarding the number of vehicles, demonstrated nicely by the Scarsdale Ridge application for one additional dwelling causing concern. Councillor Proctor supported the issue of the doctors’ surgeries being fully subscribed/only 11 places being available at Bardsey School. Flood risk was also highlighted. We discussed the key things which need to be considered/put in place to allow us to constructively challenge the application.

Sewerage – KK believes the work in the field was a temporary fix and that the pipework is not deep enough or of a sufficient diameter to support development. –

Suggested that he should contact Ed Stentiford – professor of sewerage and drainage

Contact the environment agency regarding the beck. PC agreed to look at previous council/environment agency contacts & report back to the group.

AD discussed legislation about minimum road width for ascertain if the Drive is too narrow for additional access. Action AD to investigate further. She also mentioned a consultant who could complete access analysis for £750 plus VAT. TG suggested that we should contact the Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) as they may have contacts who could help under a grant/reduced fees basis. Action TG to pass his CPRE contact to HB, AD & KK.

Geo survey. We discussed the possibility of either trying to obtain details of the survey which has been completed for the developer, or commissioning our own. However, it was acknowledged that we would need to gain consent of the land owner/tenant.

Website/facebook/emails. Essential to allow us to spread the word regarding what is happening/when and to allow others to share their opinions and offer their expertise/general help. Action JC to work on website this week bardseyactiongroup.co.uk. to be live by the end of the week CK to email JC photos/flood video. CK/PC/JC to arrange email to contact list once web set up.

Bardsey News -we need to use this as an additional tool.

Wetherby News – need to provide a press release to gain support and spread awareness. Action PC to liaise with Phil Barnett, and to email draft for approval of members before submitting for this weeks’ deadline.

Leaflets to highlight our cause/promote the website. Action JC to prepare a draft for delivery by the weekend if possible, Suggested volume 1,500.


Fundraising/Chair KK

Research KK & PK

Planning research and evidence AD & JK

Website/facebook JC

Press releases PC/CK/JC

Press spokesperson TG


Focus of group.

Greenbelt – need to preserve greenbelt to keep the character of the village and to prevent settlement sprawl.

Access/highways – A58 already at capacity. Development would causer further congestion/accidents.

The Drive is a small cul-de- sac and cannot support further numbers of access.

Flood risk – Developing this site which floods/ has a high water table/springs could severely

increase the flood risk of existing properties on the Drive/1 st & 2 nd Avenue/ the Congreves.

Pressure on services – Doctors fully subscribed. School has only 11 available places.

Drainage and sewerage – The current sewer network is fails to cope with current volumes at

time of heavy rainfall. It cannot support a development of this size.

Funds – We need to highlight the facts that have been established about the developers/

transparency of fund disclosure/other options Bramham Estates (BE) have to make their

business a viable business model such as Harewood has adopted.

Domino effect – If this application is successful it will open up the floodgates for other applications, particularly if the special circumstances that BE are proposing allow an appeal to succeed.

Next meeting 7.30 Monday 14 Nov. Action KK to book room at the Bingley.

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